my AND gate won't work!

I tried so hard to make it work but the message always get’s sent at the last frame so
no matter what I do it won’t trigger ANYTHING!!!
could someone PLEASE help ):

Can you share a link to your game? And tell us in what object it is.

I tried using a toggle switch and a timer but it doesn’t do anything
I need HELP!

it’s all part of an inventory system where your suppose to put a specific amount of specific items into a terminal kind of like entering a password, and then depending on what you put in something different
will happen, but the message to trigger an item being used doesn’t trigger the and gate that sends a
message to tell the terminal what item is being used so nothing happens.):

wait I don’t know how to link.
is that how?

what I meant earlier was when you take a test tube from the metal desk
it shows up in the inventory box (which works) but you use the terminal it just doesn’t
send the m

what I meant earlier was when you take a test tube from the metal desk
it shows up in the inventory box (which works) but you use the terminal it just doesn’t
send the message so nothing happens
I used alerts to narrow the problem down to the AND gates

it breaks in the inventory block

which object has the problem? only a few don’t have the default “New type #” naming structure so there’s no clear way of identifying your inventory block

it’s just called inventory object 657

I use the purple tube for testing

I’m adding sound effects and ambiance while I wait for a response…

i dont have a high enough iq to understand this sorry man

sorry I’m really determined what it means is
well first, you see those mailboxes stacked together? those trigger an item being PICKED UP
you can only have 1 item, the other single mailbox in the corner triggers an item being USED
the timer and toggle switch connected to it are because messages are sent on the last frame
so the mailbox will have a longer lasting output (didn’t really work)
the 4 messages at the VERY end of the circuit go to the terminal block to tell it WHICH item is
being used. the problem is the stack of and gates, for one reason or another the output just isn’t working.

does that explain it?

so nothing is supposed to happen at this point even after using the terminal with a test tube, it is incomplete, but still you want everything to output correctly to the parts you have finished, like have it output through inventory and have input for the terminal after take item message

to start with in dr. x’s behaviors you are using collision trigger and keypress x into an AND to trigger the take item message. collision trigger isn’t ideal for this, it only activates once, you would have to hit x as soon as you touch it for it to work, proximity would work better here. what’s with the toggles and timers also?

i remade the inventory code into something smaller that effectively does what you’re trying to do, take a look:

i didn’t change the way you pick up test tubes, so do that normally. when you pick one up and ‘inventory’ receives the appropriate purple tube/white tube/etc message it assigns a number to the ‘tube #’. when you go to the terminal and press x, this ‘tube #’ is filtered. for example if ‘tube #’ = 4, ‘white’ message is output to the terminal. the tube is consumed at this point, so ‘tube #’ is set to 0 reflecting this, and the animation to identify the various tubes is stopped. in the terminal i see you have counters, it just counts how much is put into the terminal, so everything outputs correctly

for the animations you could also use the “go-to” input on a single animation block and have each color tube be a frame within this animation. for example if white tube was picked up, 4 would be input to the animations go-to and would display the 4th frame, which you could make the white test tube. it can save space and declutter stuff just something to keep in mind later on

does this work? it seemed like what you were trying to do

It’s perfect
all I think I need to do now is replicate it (unless there is an easier way)
thank you.

except the reason I have counters in the terminal is so you can
enter the tubes like a password to get a different ending
(I may need some help with that part to)

also this is my first ever serious game on this site
I have a little experience with games like minecraft and little big planet
but that’s about it ):