My Audio is Weird

Is their any particular reason why the audio on my chromebook is distorted and causes my ears to bleed, but my regular home computer is fine on Flowlab?

I was listening to the music on the sound block in behaviors but it was all messed up and was just hard to bare.

Your chromebook’s auditory devices are probably messed up. Can you reproduce the problem with Youtube or other sites?

No. It’s only with Flowlab.

Is there multiple objects playing the same song present? Maybe theres not as many audio channels on chrome books, which might distort the noise. When I use a school chromebook the audio sounds fine.

No. The audio is only bad for the music in the sound block. The effects are fine. In fact, despite the music being turned down quieter than the sound effects in a game I’m working on, it completely covers up all other sounds.

Then it sounds like you have multiple sound blocks active. Are there cloned objects in the level?

There are rings and hearts that make a sound when you collect them. Also enemies that make a sound when you hit them. Why? Could that be affecting anything?


Odd. @grazer can you look into this?

Yes, please.

Hey @Greggo

Could you please send the link to your game editor?
Probably is something triggering a sound multiple times which can cause distortion, lag and among others.

Would love help.

Perhaps if you don’t want to send the link you can check by yourself if something is triggering the sound. Could be a timer on a loop, a hotkey with “always” turned on or a Proximity block triggering every frame.

Sure, here you go:

Thank you so much @PixelPizza

So I checked your game and found a lot of issues.

Anyway, your sound problem:
Just as I thought you have something causing a loop triggering the sound every frame which causes distortion.

This thing is playing a sound and removing 1 Life point EVERY SINGLE TIME the player moves (touches the floor) so it’s totally normal what happened.
You were basically playing 100 sound on top of each other.

In order to fix it, you just have to remove both OR if you want to keep the step sound (I think that’s what you were trying to achieve) make sure to add a timer between the sound and the collision trigger and lower the sound volume.

Another thing:
Your menu, you need to insert which level you want it to go.

Good luck with your game and I hope this helped.

Actually, that was something I was working on today. I put that collision and sound block there earlier and forgot to put what the object was. I fixed it but I guess it didn’t save by the time you got on. Sorry.

Also, thanks for the menu tip. I’m really glad your trying to help me @PixelPizza