My character randomly stops

When i move around my character he randomly stops. Its like he’s running into a invisible wall that you can jump over

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Yeah there is a big when you delete and object out of the library and the object is in the game world it will remove the object but sometimes the hitboxes don’t get removed. Just refresh the page and it will go away.


Please explain that with proper grammar. I can’t read it without my brain frying

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@KiwiLeaf_Entertainment Said that it is a bug when a game creator deletes an object from the library and the player character runs into it. It has happened to me many times.

Refresh the page.

-Ember. Y


lol @DeadCells_Fan needs help
Here lemme try:

Refresh/Reload the page.

That didn’t work @Flying_Fajita @JUSTPLAINOP

It’s probably because your player object it sticking to the individual tiles that make up the ground.

One solution that I know of is to set the players hit box to capsule so it helps prevent the player from sticking to the ground and corners of other square shaped objects.

I don’t have the link or else I would find out what the actual solution is, but when you said invisible forces that can be jumped over I instantly assumed this.

sorry my keyboard is funky


When I make the player have the capsule collision he bounces. When I make the player have the circle collision. Here A link: Flowlab Game Creator - Silent

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Oh, @DeadCells_Fan

I am sure I know why this is happening.

It has happened to me when I used the selector tool to cut objects instead of delete them. Unfortunately, I forgot what I did.

By the way, where is this bug?

-Ember. Y

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In the grass field