My character's Behaviors aren't doing what they're supposed to?!

I checked very carefully throughout my character’s behaviors and it’s doing things that it shouldn’t. First off, I can control it by moving my mouse, and I don’t take damage anymore. I need help about this because if you look at the behaviors behind my character, you can probably imagine why I don’t want to rework it.

Holy shit man, that’s a fucking mess, Used the behavior bundles for the love of god.

I have no idea why you can move with the mouse, I got a headache just by looking at the behaviors

Okaaaaaayyy thanks for insulting my hard work… But I’m glad you addressed it and commented at least.

There is mouse control because you have a mouse mouse input going to position directly (middle-right, top of your behaviors). Also the health works fine for me

Oh, didn’t see that, thanks! And about the health… I have no idea.

You responded very well to @“Daniel Folston” 's comment @browngr . I’m actually impressed, as that usually would have started an argument.

@rcreger I just take proper precautions to make sure I don’t turn into the bad guy here.

That is great @browngr . I’ve seen a LOT of things get ugly on FlowLab.