my First game, looking for people to play it and tell me how i can improve

look for things out of place in hard difficulty

this is my first game and i’m looking for people to give me advise on how to improve it

Great game, but you should target the object for the save block on the lever. Otherwise the door wont open! GG Overrall! :+1:

Also, music would be nice.

Hey man, I actually have a whole discussion for helping people with their games that could get your game more plays! Just paste the game link and I’ll get to it ASAP:

… Okay, so, each time I see the word @Crigence as last person on a “Play my Game” discussion means he already asked the developer if he/she wanted a review. Noted.

Well @provokeddisk , you can also get it reviewed by me as well! @Crigence told me to this, but I am the “most polite” reviewer here, and will only give you constructive criticism, just go to my review, Bored Reviews, and leave a link, and I will also give your game a like! Here is the discussion:

And like I always say:
“The more opinions, the greater the outcome!” -rcreger