my first point click game please give feedback its really short

its good, I like how you put humor into the notes. I like what mystery there is, some things you have to click on a couple times for the message to appear, other than that, keep it up!


hi! i really like your game but i got stuck on the first level for 5 minutes… but seriously i really like it…especially the closed town.

Thanks! I’m Working on making the full version of the game hope you will enjoy it!

Pretty cool for a game made in paint :slight_smile:
“Why in the heavens are you in my house?” lol’ed
Got stuck in the sewer ladder, had to open the editor and play again for the arrow to work. Anyway though, I liked it, I used to make these all the time in middle school.

Thanks! The game has problems switching to the next area a lot I’ll be sure to fix it in the complete version.

Hey for anyone who reads this the demo for my point click game will be up for maybe another month then I am going to delete it to make the full game. I appreciate any feedback on the game!

So instead of just changing it, you’re gonna start over?

Awesome game!


Mhx, to answer that I messed up a lot in that game and there are a bunch of failed parts that I can’t delete. I want it to be longer, better, and more detailed and for me it would be more easy and organized to start over.

If anyone has ideas for levels or parts to add in the game I would love to hear it.

Bad turns with a countdown to turn around or you die, something like that

I like that idea!

I have decided that Thursday, November 28th is when I will take down the demo and begin making the new one! Please play and give me feedback!

You can make 2 games, why not just work on it now? Or did you already make a 2nd game?

I’m using up the second game currently yes.

I just noticed lol, you’re making that shade game. It’s cool looking

Thanks. Shade… that sounds like a good name for the game…

Oh, alright no problem. It kinda does :slight_smile:

To anyone who reads this, I am changing the date of when I will begin working on the full version to this Thursday. Again I appreciate all feedback on the game!