My game has stopped working properly HELP! please

My game just shows a graphic that says press escape to edit even though i don’t want to edit it i want to play it, it wont let me do anything else, when i press escape the game just rises and the graphic is still there. the game is called disco hero if you look it up it may do the same hing for you.

Please still put a link, its easier than to search for it…

Please use this link to edit your game:

I found your problem, It’s “Dancer 2” (purple suit)
For some reason the flip is broken for this object.

You may need to work around it or make a new object and copy the character and animations.
I really don’t understand why this breaks it, it shouldn’t.
Any ideas @grazer?

Hey @“Daniel Goddard” - it looks like you uncovered a bug, sorry about that!

Dancer2 doesn’t like the Flip behavior because he is a static object. If you make him movable, that should resolve the issue. I’ll add this to the bug tracker, and it will be fixed in the next release.