My game has this weird bug

My game’s character keeps gliding to the left side of my screen i need help on this so like if anyone has ideas on what could be wrong that’d be appreciated, this was the first game i ever made and i still haven’t figured it out, it’s also still a work in progress so…

Anyways if you know something please tlak tysm :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you send the game link?

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Yeah, it would be a lot easier to help if you shared a link.

Do you need to press left for him to start “gliding” left?

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whoops i forgot to put the link well here it is, also, i dont press it but my character keeps moving to the left of the screen, it’s like something is pulling it, i don’t think it the gravity though

Thanks guys

It isn’t pulling the character left for me, but the friction is all the way down which explains the “gliding”

hmm never mind I’m getting it now…I’ll take a closer look and tell you what I find

@potatopants I couldn’t figure out why this was happening, but then I decided to turn the friction up to see what would happen. It stopped drifting once I did that

Its the gravity. The gravity for x is -1.

Ok thanks so much you guys. I’m glad I don’t have to redo my first flowlab game tysm
Imma check if it works

I tried doing what you said @USERNAME55 its gliding whenever i press the arrow keys now?
I don’t know what happened

Also @Ramshacklegamestudios I tried doing the friction thing just now, I don’t know how to do it so my character currently doesn’t move smooth, or much at all but it stopped gliding thanks for that

Did you change the gravity for x to 0?

Yeah i did it’s still gliding now it’s kind of stiff coz of the friction

o u got the bug fixed but there is a invsible wall there i have seen it in a few games

i kind of did but not really, the friction kind of restricts movement also what do u mean invisible wall?
could u explain where it is? tysm @Mr_Black_Smile

nvm its gone but your player cant move when u hold down a key make the key repating but not for the up button keep that

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ha what do u mean by that

ummm i tried to put a friction block and it prevented my character form moving also i am just wondering where is the invisible wall that u said. do u get it now? tysm @Mr_Black_Smile

yea i did first but the message after (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged) that @potatopants

ah ok i just deleted it coz well idk i don’t even remember what it was though thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: you still haven’t answered my question tho.

o its gone never mind