My game is not working

My game is not working on my computer (a chromebook) and it’s only the specific game, not any of my other ones. It keeps crashing my flash and flat out not displaying correctly. I would like if somebody took a look and could suggest what might have caused my game to not work correctly, or if it’s just my system and it works fine on everybody elses. (Note: It’s a work in progress that I have just started and it’s essentially a minimum viable product)

Hey Gryphon,

Go to the editor directly, so that the game doesn’t crash:

Then open up the red car behavior and disconnect the “proximity” trigger from the “attacher” node. I’m not sure what this is intended to do, but what it is actually doing is this:

When ever the proximity detects that the “car” is near any “car” object (like itself), it attaches a new “car” object to itself. Then the newly attached “car” object is detected, which attaches a new car object, etc, etc. This recursive loop causes the game to hang.

Oooohhh. Thank you so much! I put the attacher thing there just because I was screwing around and wanted this huge car of cars. And I was really scared I would have to delete my game and start from scratch.