My game is now on Google play market

Upadate - I released the free vesion so no promo codes needed.

Good job on publishing to the app store! Buuut- there are some things you need to consider. There’s 4 levels that barely take a minute in total, and it’s $1.29? Dude put some more effort into it… it’s kind of a waste of money if there’s only 4 levels that take 25 seconds each.

And. Whoa. “more addicting than flappy bird”? “Girls started paying attention to me”? “totally changed my life”? Um, isn’t that kind of going too far? Kind of an obvious lie there, no offense

Yeah I understand where you are coming from. I orginally put it up for a dollar because in my Original game, I was offering prizes that started out at $100 for who ever could beat the game under the times I presented. However Google play rejected because it violated gambling policy.
So I released the free version with just the first level so if you like it, you can buy it.

Also the TIME RECORDS are 25 seconds (or more) for each level. That does not mean you will beat it in 25 seconds. Matter of fact, nobody is going to beat it in 25 seconds without spending hours playing it and that is for only one level (hints why I was offering prizes) So yes, low effort but still you will mindlessly play for hours if you want to beat it. I was going for the impossible game approach (which also cost a dollar). Simple, yet addicting and hard.