my game keeps crashing after i made a big ai update please help

my game is just stoping when i play it tried on android to same result im wondering if someone else can try and see what happens its okay until after the level select

so basically i added a bunch of raycasts because its a one player vs ai shooter and the raycasts are to flip and flip back in the direction of the player and i had a filter where if it hit the raycast on one side the switch would be on but if a raycast angle on anywhere on the other side it would turn of the switch and flip and that update at least the main one was when it stoped working

Hey @ - it looks like you have found a bug in the latest update. When you do not select a property in an extractor block it should display an error, not crash the game.

You have an object named “okay” that has a bunch of nested bundles. In one of them, you have two extractors that do not have a property selected - selecting a property and target should eliminate this error for you.

Also, that object seems to have a bunch of extraneous behavior blocks in it. It’s a good idea to delete anything you’re not actually using, since this will improve the performance of your game.


@grazer it still isnt working i assigned a character and a object on one and then assigned one on the other to when that didn’t work i guess it dosen’t crash it just shows the editing thing when i press esc to play.

i don’t know if i miss understood what you said i don’t know how to screenshot on mac

and okay is the ai the extractor are supposed to be that the ai is ine extractor and the other is the player it was working before i added the ai update thats why im confused

oh nvm @grazer i finally fixed it

thank you