my game lags REALLY bad


This might be because there is a MASSIVE amount of objects in a single level. Slower computers would definitely feel worse lag here.

make use of emit and save to store them outside the level glithctyrus.

It doesn’t run that bad on my computer, but I also have a high-end gaming computer.
Try this, make the campfires emit only when you are close to them (or on screen).

how would i make it so that it only emits when im on screen

ill also make it so the fire deletes itself if it becomes fully transparent

Easy, use a proximity set to 480.

it seems to run a lot better

im doing more things to lower the amount of objects but ill have to be more creative

Hey @glithctyrus - I’m going to go against the grain here and recommend the opposite of JR01. it looks like Ironically it is the Proximity checks themselves that are causing a lot of the lag. Proximity checks (especially when there are lots of objects) can take a long time to calculate. I went through and just deleted a bunch of the Proximity blocks, and it ran great. For example, the Weaping Weavers have three Proximity checks in each one. Maybe look for some places to reduce the number of Proximity checks where possible, and use another method in some places to get the behavior you’d like.


Oh huh,
well if thats the case, then I would try Extract This X & This Y in the player and message all the campfires. That way the campfires still dont always emits unless the player is on the screen.
What do you think of this method @grazer?



@“JR 01” - that seems like a good idea. I would maybe modify it to run on a timer once a second or so, instead of every frame, to further improve performance.

It might just be a proxy ASGR problem, you might want to run a diagnostics check just in case.