My game won't load, it's bricked

@grazer I’ve come across a serious issue here.

I spent hours editing my game, refreshed the page, and now it stops loading at 95%.
I have a clue what may be an issue, but I’m uncertain. I noticed just before I refreshed that a bundle input was missing.

In GUI layer, the object Save System > Debug Mode > Mhx Toggle
I have an Input called Alpha inside the bundle, but outside the bundle, the connection node disappeared and the connection to the D+7 X+Enter AND AND AND gate was cut. This wire may still exist in the code, and the input may still exist, but because they disappeared somehow, the game won’t load.

If this isn’t the issue, then I have no idea. I can’t load the game as a guest either. I tried deleting my cache and using a different browser, but this is really cutting down on my free time I had for working on my game tonight. It’s worth looking into the cause for this bug, in case someone elses game gets bricked and they didn’t happen to see anything odd before refreshing.

If the issue does happen to be GUI layer, the object Save System > Debug Mode > Mhx Toggle, delete it if necessary.


Hey @“Mhx Ar” - I don’t know what the problem was that triggered the initial problem, but the behavior connections somehow got into a state where there was a loading error. I fixed the loading error, so the game will load properly again - sry about the wasted time last night.

I don’t mind the lost time as long as I didn’t lose everything. I’m going to start cloning my game to make update backups in case something big ever gets deleted. For example, somehow the title screen of Diamondsion Assault got deleted and I don’t feel like remaking it. It’s a dead project. Thanks for fixing that brick.