My games cheat codes

so this is a place for me to give out cheat codes from my games the first reaper is cht in letters
to make cheats work the 2nd reaper is - xmas in letters to get a new skin to the cursor in room maker

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Please put everything relating to one game on one topic please.

i don’t see why that would be a problem. he created this topic for asking people for cheat codes. The other is about updates on his game. There is such a massive difference in topics, it’s pretty insane.

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Ok so for one of the cheat codes you should add “reaper”. which could be from anything to editing the cursor or have some gui changes, or sprite changes. Basically making things look darker or a custom dark mode relating to the Grim Reaper or something cool. Choice is yours. Also “kiwi” which would be a reference to me. Which could change the cursor to kiwi or have some silly font changes, again it would be up to you.

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here’s the 3rd reaper type sanic to be sanic hegehog and the 4th reaper is kiwi in letters to be the word kiwi in room maker