My iPhone simulator is an airplane... Please help!

When I click my game on the iphone 6 simulator, it shows up with a 3d airplane… Whats going on?

what iPhone 6 simulator

@ztg5 Im using the IOS thingy. Im on xcode, and when i put in the FLOWLAB GAME (id) thing, I go into the test simulator of an iphone 6. It shows my game as an app, but i open it, it shows the screen saying my game name, (Area Apocalypse) and then it just opens up a 3d picture of an airplane turning around with fps data at the bottom.

The same thing happens to me!!! Please help @grazer

This is what it looks like @grazerScreen Shot 2015-07-05 at 4.38.11 PM

lol dafuq?