My money disappears.

I have it so the money will fall from a block which is at the top of my game but the money barley makes it half way then disappears

look at the emit command and select never expire

thanks but now the money bounces off something in midair @jngthree

never mind but i have a label that shows how much money you have and it only goes up to one @jngthree

where’s the logic for the collision with the money?

I added some logic to a game earlier to show how to collect and add points.

The logic is in the knight. This is set up to show how coins of two different values add to the same label but you can just leave one out.

where in the knight is the logic? @muddyapples

At the top. Pic attached. This should help.


I did that I’m only using value. am I’m supposed to put everything in the moneys behaviors cuz i put it in my characters @muddyapples

Hi, In your coin bundle change the second reference box from ‘Money’ to ‘Any Object’. I just tried it and then the scoring works fine.

I’d try making the money emit from different places like the spikes, at the minute you can stay around the same area and get rich quick!

thx @muddyapples very much
is the anyway the money wouldn’t reset after every game and then you could use money to buy upgrades

No problem @ztg5.

In the properties section of ‘player’ (below all the physics settings) change the setting to ‘keep between levels’. This will carry the money score across all the levels.

You can use an expression to calculate how much money the player has.

it carries over but as soon as i collect money on the new game it goes back to one

When ‘player’ collides with a spike your current logic tells the game to restart which resets the scores.

I think you need to give your character some lives. Check out the logic used in Grazers Space Drones.

3 lives, if you get hit you lose a life bit your score still stays with you. Only after all your lives are used up do the scores reset.

i don’t want it to have 3 live sorry my goal was to have my game like flappy bird in a sense where you play for a short to cuz it supposed to be hard. Is there any way for the money to stay with you the whole time @muddyapples

Perhaps if you get hit make player invisible for a while so it gives the impression of him losing a life, then reappears a second later, still with the score intact.

how would i do that @muddyapples

Get rid of the restart game flow after a collision with a spike.

player collision with spike > 0% Alpha > Timer (perhaps 10) > 100% Alpha

The above logic will make the player disappear and reappear.

You may have to send a message to the spikes to stop falling for a second, try using the delay on the timer.

Good luck.

Is the any other way if not thats okay. @muddyapples