My music won't play

My friend made some music for me and sent it over dropbox, then, I hooked it up to a soundthing and It won’t play
Here’s the game: Flowlab Game Creator - Evade but scuffed

Where is the behavior that is playing the music?

it is on the guy in a hoodie

I thik you still have too have indie to upload cstom sounds.

I am using that website feature

Oh your forum profile hasn’t sown it yet so did yu just get it recently?

get what recently?

Sample text

Indie, the premium version of flowlab

Oh, Im on free

sample text

Then thats why you cant upload souns possibly

Then what is the website thing for?

What website thing?

Above all of the other options like music and effects

Im not seeing a website link anywhere


For one you have to use an mp3 url and fr two im retty sure that only works for indie users

im using an mp3 url.

You need indie for it too work

oh, ok. Although, I heard someone did it without indie

Who the heck say this