My new Game cover for Tiny Nighttimes series

Here it is


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Why is it so small (0395839560904689)

Cause it measures the sprite by its pixels, not actual size, so any pictures like that will be very small, but if you took a screen shot then it would be much bigger.

Also it looks pretty cool. I will have to replay some of your games and I’ll have to try out Tiny Nightmares Book 2 was it? I won’t have time today, but I will try them out when I get back to school.

You can change the size (though the resolution probably won’t be great) through the HTML for the image. You’ll see two sets of numbers multiplies by each other (ex. 32x32), just raise the numbers up, make sure they are the same number so you can see it properly.

Remember Maniac Pumpkin Tiny NightTimes not Tiny Nightmares that will be its full release name

Extra Things

I am still thinking if i should change the name if ya want you could join: Tiny Nighttimes 2 Dev team!

Oh, sorry. I kind of got the name a bit confused.

its ok (202020020202020202020)