My new game! (WIP)

Here is tha game, hope to see some good ways to improve this!
(Other than sound, please)


tomorrow i can go and look into this :slight_smile:


Ok so, i know it’s still in early development stage but i’m going to list everything:

  • More variety in bullet spread / bullet travelling pattern
  • Make something so that the player has to move away from the edges (like i did). This can be a hazard peaking from the corner where the player is currently located and then goes back out of the screen before fully attacking from that same edge taking up 25% of the screen (image)
  • Different bosses with different art style/themes (backgrounds etc.) and attack patterns
  • For me, the player size could be biggerm very subjective though

I like the game it’s a good start.

Edit: Call me leonardo da painti


thanks for the suggestions! I will hopefully get to add most of these in my free time but for now, THANKS VERY MUCH!


I think it’s pretty well made. Except what can I say? I didn’t even get past the 1st boss:)

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Should I make the point requirements lower? I’m starting to see a lot of this T-T

Maybe. Or maybe make another difficulty so there’s one for the extreme people and one for the people who aren’t as good. (Like me)

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I’ll try to look into that.

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Lettt meeee guesssssssss, You made it way harder?
(That hehehe was just a bit sus)

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