My new game

I have made a new plate former game! So far, there are 10 levels, and I have beaten them in 151 seconds. Can you beat me?

make that 142 seconds!

Hey @ShadowAxeKid - I really like it so far. I like the bouncy, rolling feel to the movement, and I like the way you arranged the levels side by side. It feels pretty smooth and polished.

I haven’t beat the whole thing yet, much less beat your time, but I do have a couple of suggestions. I think having some theme music would make it feel nicer. Also, the death/fail animation and sound is kind of static feeling. Maybe some explosion particles instead of the animation and a more impactful sound effect would make it feel better? Maybe something like

Anyway, great work so far - thanks for posting.

I like your suggestion! I will do it right away.

112 seconds

I like the black-gray color palette It would be really cool if you could add some types of blocks that did different things.

Also, you know whats great for a platform game like this… Puzzles! Adding puzzles to a game like this can seriously increase how fun a game is.

First of all, nice job with your score! I just got 125. And I am planning to add more levels with more things, such as plate forms and enemies.

And puzzles

I have an update log for Jumper.


-Five more levels

-lasers that won’t kill you, but won’t let you through.

-Movable blocks

-White blocks that split your jump height and speed

-Puzzles, because everybody loves them!

-Half spikes, making jumps less or more challenging.

-Jump circles that you can jump on in mid-air.


-5 more levels

-New world with 10 levels.

-Switches and laser doors.

-Enemies that you can jump on.

-More puzzles, because I’m starting to run out of different kinds of level Ideas.

-Speed blocks that increase your speed.

-Power blocks that improve jump height and speed.


-The New World will have 10 more levels

-Harder enemies

-Moving platforms.

-Final Boss.

-Better animations and graphics

Coming to flowlab soon,