My new racing game! (W.I.P.)

imageFlowlab Game Creator - Hyper Racing

This game is in progress. It’ll be a racing game, (as it says in the title) where the player can race with the beginner car and earn $10,000 each race they win and can buy new and faster cars with the money!

I hope you guys are as excited as I am to finish this new game! (It’s not really that playable yet so… don’t rate it fully now.)


I’ll write down the stats of the cars the players can buy, like horsepower, acceleration, and top speed in the game!


Darn it! There’s a major crash on the racing level! It won’t work, even when I reload the page.

It looks like this in the editor:


And this in the gameplay:

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Should I

  • Delete the level and make a new one?
  • Wait and see if the bug goes away? (I’ve already waited quite the while.)
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Check the level for a red square or maybe something else.

This normally happens with some code or maybe something didn’t save right because of bad internet.