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So, as you may have known, recently a lot of things up for helping promote flowlab has been in the works. @“JR 01” 's Youtube account, @GrimProductionZ 's Free pixel art website, and a lot of other things have lead me to add to the flowlab community like nowhere before. I have started a website based on the creation of games on flowlab. It is a hub of tutorials and advice on how to make a successful flowlab game. BUT. What It lacks? Content. Besides the beginner section of the flowlab tutorials, nothing yet. So I want the community to tell me what you would like some tutorials on, and I will happily add it to the website. DO NOTE, The pixel art one I only do not include because to do so I need to make video’s which I am sorting out so do expect a Character, Backdrop, seamless tile, and object pixel art tutorial coming. Do take notice of this. But before we begin…

How does this work?

Well, my website is categorised into sections. You have either the Flowlab tutorials, or the pixel art tutorials, which each, also, have their own sections. In the Flowlab section, levels of Beginner, to basic, to intermediate, to advanced, and to… Expert… and Pixel Art, as I mentioned earlier, Character, Backdrops, Tiles and collectable objects.But each of the pixel art sections are split between top down and platformer. So if you want to learn these things, do post bellow!

The Website is NOT FINISHED. This is just what it is going to look like. It’s what you guys want, to you post bellow, what do you want on this website?
The Website:
Just my regular shout out to @“JR 01” @Superstargames @grazer @seamothmaster45 @GrimProductionZ

Use all my Tutorials games and also use my Tests games.

You should add some of my art packs and flowlab streams to it

Its a great site but its hard to look add ever thing is just not in place like the art style is just random try going with a theme

we should totally have a battle over our site though it be fun :wink:

Definitely use tutorials and example games.

Hey @“The Kodex” nioce site

Thanks @GrimProductionZ , Still working on it!

Yeah you should maybe make the art style all the same it looks a little weird to look at, it might just be me since I’m like an art fanatic even in real life i draw beautiful pictures an stuff.

ignore this:)

@GrimProductionZ Any suggestions? I kind of think the art style is fine because it’s basically just beautiful gradients. I literally just used like, 3 pictures through the whole sites. And I do drawing in real life too. I mainly attempt to draw comics. I am good, but not professionally good but, ok…

Well for one the logos for and yours are a little off. and the background could be changed or change the color of your menus and buttons to like a pink. and you have like 20 different fonts try changing them to just one or 2.

I actually have only 3 fonts @GrimProductionZ , because most where way too basic, which is The comic sans, Futura and Trend for all my titles. and I’m not sure what you mean by changing the colour of the backdrop to menus colour. What colour is the menus, grey and white? That’s a little dull and boring.

No changing the menu to the background colors is what i meant it would transcend more

also change the fonts down to one it would look more pleasing

also were the F*** do you live because you spelling color wrong

that sounded wrong are you like British or something

@GrimProductionZ I am british, and I speak the original English, hence the name.

Oh ok that explains why you say color like colour

Lol my dad is a member on my website as joshua032580