My newest game's audio

These are the two soundtracks I’ve been working on for a while. I hope you like it

Hyper-survival(over world)
Hyper-survival(desert biome)

@grazer I need you to help me by thinking about compatibility to .m4a files. It helps a lot, thanks!

I might change these later depending on some things

i made some changes to the desert theme
here it is!

what are your opinions?


Keep in mind I CAN compose for other people some don’t be afraid to ask!

sure can you get me some sad music and some love music too?

(romance game)

I could try… It may take a while to develop because I’m usually busy and generally inexperienced. I just learned how to use the keyboard/piano preferences. But I’ll try if I find an opportunity. But anyway what kind of instruments do you want in there? I can do violin, base, guitar, and last but certainly not least; piano (that’s how I get the whole arcade feeling in my games) sorry for the setback but I will try soon; if you decide to use the music I make for you, please credit me and don’t make money off it.

piano and violin

Dear, jngthree
thank you so much for helping me!
anyhoezers yes i would like mabye a piano and violin
From, Call 911_IDK THE NUMBER I want to change it :frowning:
ill WILL credit you and i wont make money off of it (if i do ill pay you ;D)

Ok cool

@grazer, can you PLEASE add more audio compatability?
like .m4a and .wav

@jngthree how do i get music into my game?

You need to download the file, convert it into MP3 (using a web site) upload it onto your Dropbox. Click it, it should take you to a black screen. If it does, take the link and put it into the sound node… It’s painstakingly long but works