My object's physics aren't working well

I have a problem. In my game “A Very Easy Game”, the Monster object’s physics aren’t working on the “Playing” level. When I set the physics to “Not solid but Enable Collisions”, the collision trigger does not affect the Switch block in the behaviors. And the result is the Monster passing through the ground and dirt blocks. I don’t want to make the monsters solid because then the player will alter their movement path when they crash into it. Usually, making it not solid would solve that problem, but this difficulty is irking me. Can anyone help me with this?


yeah i played thru the whole game and the went into the code and the problem is because the evaluation of the a, ß, Ω, and ∑ parralels arent the same

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I’m not sure what @Confused_Developer is saying here, but I think this would work for what you want. I think using position instead of velocity would work…

Use movable and solid.

Thanks- I’ll try that.

Thank you so much- it worked! This problem had been troubling me for a long time.

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