My Video Game Logic Drawings

I’ve begun making drawings in Kleki with how I would explain stuff that I know about video games.
I hope my topic could help with things that may be confusing or something.
Here’s my latest drawing explaining how to trick players into thinking they have a bunch of HP and also to make unofficial flow-bars (bars in your game that aren’t made from the behavior) less a hassle than normal.


Tricking the player into thinking their fast-

When I look at some Flowlab games the sprinting feels weird because there are no effects to make it seem I’m fast so in general it feels like I’m speed walking. But with cool effects and animation you can make things look faster. Using smear frames and effects to look like wind could help make the player think their going REALLY FAST when in reality the walk speed is normally 5 while the sprint speed is 6.

I haven’t done stuff like this ever since I made this topic lol. I’m gonna try to continue this idea of mine.

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