Name changing randomly

Why does my name keep changing from Pixel_Name1 to Pixel_Name2?

There is a lot of people with the name “Pixel_Name” and everytime one of these people with the name joins, the next one with the same name, will have the same name, but with a 1, and the next one with a same name, will come with a 2, and so on

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yeah but this account has been changing between those several times

Oh wait, that happens automatically? Huh, I thought you kept changing your username somehow every other day… then again, with the limits on username changing, I should probably have known better. XD

Maybe it is a result of a website bug? The only other time I can recall a similar incident was when we changed from the Vanilla forums to the Discourse forums, someone had their account get duplicated (it was either Maniac Pumpkin or Ramshackle, I can’t remember).

This time, though, the only thing I can come up with is that it is a visual bug.

Now its Pixel_Name1 again XD

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