Name of the "Company"

(Warning: This post can be boring if you don’t care at all but this, maybe, can help you and me)

Names… as you can notice I am really bad with them.
I already created a LOT of names. When I was younger I used to daydreaming a lot, and that’s why I created that much. I was always wondering “what if”, “if I use this name I could do games like this” or “if I use this name people would try to decipher this”. After years and years of me thinking what name I should use for my company… I deciced to do a brainstorming (in that age i didn’t knew what a brainstorming was) and the result was… guess what?


After that I went running to my father to show my GREAT cofcof* creation and he asked:

  • Hmm really nice, but why you chose that name?
  • Oh, humm. It’s very simple… so I like Pixels and I like Pizza so I combined both (WHAT A GREAT BRAINSTORMING RIGHT? lmao). Oh, and everybody loves pizza so everybody would love my company and then everybody that buys my game would have an pizza as a present. Isn’t that great? I mean, I would Love to have a pizza after buying a game… so, do you like it?
  • AHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh yeah really nice. Such an awesome idea. AHHAHAHAAH You go little boy.

I was so happy in that moment. ok, you guys already have enough of storytelling. Now I have NEWS.

ta daaaaaa
BUT all of us (I guess) love to create his own company name and etc.

In this past week I daydreamed again. And I was wondering if everything goes right and a fan or an interviewer asks why I chose that name for the company. They will laugh. I mean, yeah I still like pizza (not my favorite food but of course I love it) and I still think the name is funny but besides it’s too … I honestly don’t know the word, maybe childish or nonsense.
So yeah I was wondering what name I could use (even if it’s useless to create one right now).

I want my new name to have:

  • Words with story behind
  • A meaning but not obvious (not just a “Because I like” or “my game is like this”)
  • food (idk why but food is such a great thing for my games company)
  • It cans be childish if the name haves a great meaning
  • A real logo (not a random pizza that i drew in 40 minutes)

And that’s it. You guys could use this to help reach out the perfect name for your company.
Hope I helped instead of boring you guys ahah.

I like your name and logo. It’s simple and easy to remember. It has a good ring to it.

I guess I can share how I came up with my name and company.
Mhx Air (Pronounced Mechs like mechanisms, and Ay-er) is the name I go by everywhere. If you see a Mhx Air anywhere online, it’s me. Mhx started from Metroid Hunter XXX, 3 Xs because I forgot my password for X and XX. This was a time before emails were used for logging into, probably a good 12 years ago, good ol 2005. 4chan was still in diapers and YouTube was just born, but places like Newgrounds ruled with flash videos. I grew up with an NES and Metroid was my favorite game since then, so Metroid Hunter XXX was my username. A while later, I furthered myself to forums and message boards under the name MHX, then thought to myself, “How would I pronounce that?” I decided on Mechs. My last name rhymes with Air and when I said Mhx lastname, it sounded like Mhx Air, so I went with that, and build a personality on it.

Diamondsion Studios comes from Diamondsion Assault, a game I’ve been working on since around 2009 for PC, PSP and other platforms, and finally built a working (but now broken and laggy) test of here on flowlab in 2013. Diamondsion is the idea of a Diamond Dimension, where diamonds, crystals, and other gems are a source of energy and elemental power. I decided to use Diamondison Studios as my company name, with Planet Tactix as the main imagery. Tactix, a pull off tactics, is one of the several exoplanets in the Diamondsion that the character Mhx Air and Crystal Aero built from scratch and protect. Crystal Aero was named similarly after Diamond and Air.

I’ll never change anything about my name or company. I love them, and I’ve spent over a decade putting ideas into them. All this is a part of me, down to the dark grey hoodie, silver hair and white eyes.

If your name means something to you, keep it.

My name just popped up one day, and I liked it… i is genius

Now, JNGthree is a different story.

That is my name…


Now the three at the end is because Im the third one in the family. My great cousin? (Not sure where his placement in the family was) was the first, and was some sort of war hero, but he died. The second is my dad, and the third… well… youre reading his post

Awesome, Interesting ahah… Honestly I would love everyones’s story about the company name

I agree with @“Mhx Ar” - I like “Pixel Pizza”. Both the name and logo are simple and easy to remember. I say don’t overthink it. I don’t think anyone will laugh, there are far more bizarre and ridiculous game company names out there - Ever heard of “Epic MegaGames”? Or maybe these: ?

If you are set on changing it - just go here and hit the generate button a few times:

I got some great ones from that just now: “Weapon King” and “Online Panda Interactive”. You can steal one of those if you like :slight_smile:

Nah, there are plenty of odd names out there. What’s important is to have a reason for your name. Names are like tattoos. I designed my tattoo because it means something to me, it has a story. A lot of people get tattoos of skulls or game related stuff, because they want people to like them, but the tattoo has no meaning or story. Things like that are important. Don’t try to be cooler, be yourself.

@“Mhx Ar” @grazer
Well if PixelPizza is that good I will keep it ahah