Nametag Issue (202020)

hey @JR01 could you make the nametag example able to make the camera move up when you jump because i want to use it in my game but i cant because there’s no y value in the camera.

Do you have discord? He responds a lot there too

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no i do not.

Wait, did you flag my post?

Not me

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The Nametag should still work even if you do add a Y input for the camera. That’s how the names work in the bundle library.

If your asking about making the camera follow the player’s y, I suggest to use the “auto camera” bundle in the bundle library.


then how could i use the nametag then?

actually, i tried to make it work somehow and the nametag kept ongoing in front of the player.

Did you copy the behavior in the example?


I figured it out, thank you so much! :smiley:

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