Need a review on a game which took me 6000+ hours

Flowlab Game Creator - JFK Simulator pretty sick

Well, given that this took you 250 days (or 6000 hours, questioning that), I would say it’s pretty underwhelming. If that is a typo and it was 6000 seconds, I would still say it was kinda underwhelming. But if it was a typo and it was 6000 milliseconds that would be very impressive.


What is even the point of the game?


Ummm this game is sus

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Bruh wtf? Nice coding and scope design, but that is all. I don’t like it otherwise.

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This game is… well, pretty boring. All you do is click and that’s it.

If there was serious effort put into this, then it unfortunately doesn’t deliver very well. If this game was just a troll, then 10 clicks on that link is very impressive.

Regardless, I would be interested in a US president simulator being built on Flowlab, so long as there is serious effort being put into it.


guys this game was an obvious troll.