Need art please

i need a blue jay model for my game, and im bad at pixel art so please either make one or teach me how to get better

i’l be glad to make one! i’ma start on it real soon

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The youtube channel AdamCYounis has incredible tutorials if you really listen to what he says. Pixel Overload, Saultoons, and Brandon James Greer are also really good

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thing is, im on a school computer that can only run vids at 0.01 fps :rage:

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buuuut i have a ps4 so i can watch it there

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i also need a sword with it but the thing is i need a swing animation, walking, flying, running and when it takes damage which is a lot

heres the game right now, its just a testing area

you could pay people around 50 dollars for all that work

sorry but im a kid and i dont think i have 50 bucks just on me so i guess we can lay it off unless someone still wants to do it

wait a minute… i can get paid for the work i do for fun??? i’m staring a fiverr right this second

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you have to be very good at it and yes you can make a good amount of money if you wait a while and begin receiving some good reviews to push your thing to the top

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Wait wtf you copied my idea…

i didnnt even know you had a game