Need help making a random popup

I want to make it so that there is a 50/50 chance of a popup appearing when I interact with an object, but the filter keeps triggering both of them for some reason? I currently have the random number set from 0-1 and the filter is supposed to pass it if the number is equal to 1, but it’s not working. link to my game


What object is the code in
1: there is a behaviour called “router” in logic and math, and it can do random paths. Of course that works too.
2: I think that the “e” could be called multiple times. Maybe repeating key push instead of once?

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I think the e was being called multiple times, I added a short timer so it would only trigger once and it started working, thank you!

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Unstead of using a timer, just turn back on when you walk away from bush.

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