Need help making a time leader board for my game

Hi im looking to ask for help to make a leader board for people who play my game, then only thing i need to do is make a time and then the leader board but idk how, can you pls help

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A leader board is a very complex thing to add… Grazer has a leader board example but it doesn’t work and @Johnny_boy was going to make an example after Grazer gets it to work.

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Oh ok idk if i should make one then, how long should i wait until @Johnny_boy or Grazer is done? i just need some ideas

No idea, but while you wait you could add a high score system, just some saves and globals attached to a value of a number.

the code is inside of the mystery block

Just so you know, you need indie or higher to get a leaderboard.

Good thing i have an indie account

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Thank you very much ill use this

Once grazer fixes a bug, and I get some testing done on my game. I’m going to finish my game first before I work on the example.

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Sounds great

Hello again sorry for the trouble, i got grazers thing in my game accept i have levels and every time i go into another level, the score i have goes back to 0 so how can i fix that or is that a bug

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