Need help! please click!

I am looking to make a messaging game, and I need to figure out how to make it backspace… can anyone please help? @JR01 ?


Try this


Well, I have no idea how to but if you used a text list connected to 26 letters and all numbers and had it so backspace deleted the last label typed…

Yet that would take hours to connect all the lines lol

Nevermind, I see that this is solved.

Use grazer’s and change the any key to repeating but change the delay to 4, works smooth.

how did you add a any in the keyboard block

uh, ya click on the keyboard behavior, click activate on any key and BOOM

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oh this inst my example its grazer’s. And yeah its just like what yorkie2323 said


they just updated it when i asked it wasn’t an option sorry lol (it must not have updated for me as fast)


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