Need help w/ enemy boundaries(solved)

My game:
I created a game where a frog runs around doing things(total idea unfinished) but I wanted a fence that it can jump over, while enemies are trapped inside the fence. However, I made the frog “jump” over the fence by using Enabled functions inside the fence.
With the enemy following the player, how should I make it so the enemy cannot leave the fence whenever the frog jumps? Is there an easier/better way to create the frog jumping?

I am in need of assistance…

Not without making a complex set up… the best way I can think of is to extract This X and This Y in the enemy and use a filter to stop if it passes the fences X or Y, then give it a new position to not pass the fence…

Another option is to turn Enabled off for the frog when passing through the fence, and so players can’t cheat it gives the player an impulse.

@meburningslime, they cant move if Enable is false…

@“JR 01” Sorry I havent used it yet I asssumed :frowning:

Couldnt you make the fences disbled?

Is it possible (JR 01) that you could build a quick example? I’m having trouble figuring it out

While it’s not perfect, I created a system using timers and limiting the enemies movement. It’s a little janky, but it does the trick

@Broseph well done

It looks great @Broseph, I knew there was a simple solution somewhere.