Need help with a enemy spawner for my game

I need someone to help with a enemy spawner for my boss battle so please give me a tip. Im having no troubles im just cunfused



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what how does this help?

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I’m asking you for elaboration

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well imjust having a problem trying to figure this out and thats it

I think he means like, does the boss spawn it? What is the problem with it? Have you even made the spawn yet? Also, can you please leave a link for your game so we can help?

yes the boss does
and no i have never used the spawner tool before im still pretty new

oh ok leave your game link


go to lvl 5 and thats the boss

ok. There are different ways you can do this. You can make the boss have an animation for it, or you can make it spawn them when it jumps or something. What do you want it to do for spawning?

maybe jump and spawn it in when he hits the ground]

Ok. It looks like you are trying to make animations with rolly by making different versions of him. You can just use the animation thing in edit drawing of it. For the boss, make different animations. Make one where the boss jumps to spawn and if you need help with health bars i can help. After making the animation go to the boss and put once>connect to a timer (delay circle)(Repeats Forever) It will stop spawning when the boss is killed>animation>timer (another delay)>2 positions (choose where you want the enemies spawned)>spawner. and for positions you need numbers.

O_O w h a t d o e s t h a t m e a n

Wait i am going to edit it dont put in the code yet ill copy paste a working one.

It won’t save, just make it and then copy paste it here

do you mean the import code thing?

thats what im doing.

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no i am going to grab the code that i am making and paste it here you copy it and go to the boss press insert and CTRL+V copy that code and you can make the animation do the same delay thing that i put in there and make a jumping animation for it.