Need help with a minecraft steve texture for my Minecraft (but 2d) game

i need a texture for my player cuase im trying to recreate Minecraft in flowlab and myabe a texture for a stone,grass,oak log and leaves texture for the beta and terrain genaration no need for animations but it would be a good help so please try your best, it doesnt have to look that good cause its the beta and thats alll i need for now then ill try MY best to make everything else so please and thank yuo. it aslo needs to be two blocks high for the player to better simulate minecraft. cuase in the real game steve is two blocks high. and maybe if anyone wants they can make other things like code but thank you for reading this and maybe even making the art as i am typing highly doubt it but please just try your best so please and thank you also maybe some music/sounds so yeah thats it… for now untill i make more.

pixil-frame-0 - 2022-04-01T135623.451


thx for the sprite dude

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but how do i import the sprite?

Download it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

nvrm i found it so yeah i will make my own instead BUT i will find a way to fit it into the game for your hard work :blush:

wasnt that hard lol, just 9 rectangles with darker colors on one side

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