Need Help with Boundaries & Continuity-- My Sprite Disappears Once Out of Frame and Cannot Return!

Hello! I am super new to this, so forgive me if this is a very elementary question. Basically, I need to know how to stop this from happening: Once I move my sprite out of frame, it is just gone and cannot come back no matter which direction I attempt to move it. So I need to know how to
-create boundaries on either side of the screen, to keep the sprite from being able to move out of frame, and
-create continuity, ie where if the sprite moves all the way to the right, it continues to move and reappears from the left side of the screen.
Does that make sense? Any help is very much appreciated!


May I have a link to the game please? To make borders you have to make a new object. Then that is your border, so the player can not go through the border. If you have the player set to moveable.

Thank you for your quick reply!! I just started (I’m learning this for a college class) and so far I have just done the tutorial project. Totally bare bones just to get to know the principles.

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No problem! So there is no borders, like you said. to make a borders just place some objects that are up the sides, so the player will hit the borders and not go past the boundaries.

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Ah, okay, got it! Do you know if there is any way to make continuity happen as well? Thank you so much

That should be what you’re looking for, though you don’t need to do the code for the Y part of it.

If you need any clarifications on how it works feel free to ask

You can use a behavior called CAMERA in the components section and set the x axis for how far you want it to go, then put your border where you want it to end, I recommend continue building your game before for how far you want then put the camera behaviour where your game ends

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