Need help with levels for Pokemon game

Does anyone know a good way to have exp, levels, and evolution for a pokemon game I’m making.
I also want to start a team to make this game but I can do that later. So yeah… exp. btw I put my own spin on the pokemon battle so don’t judge
My game (It’s barely started)

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Ok, you press space to switch whose out and all it is as an emit and destroy function but immediately crashes the game.

It also immediately crashes the editor and I have to reload the page. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :scream:

maybe u should start off with getting a starter pokemon

Well, for xp, you can have a bar that increases in y-size when you defeat a certain pokemon, if the bar gets big enough, it will level up the pokemon.
(I cant make an example so if you need more info, you may need someone who can explain things better!)

I already have starter pokemon. That might work.

i could help with your game if you’ll like.

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Thats creepy lol

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Nah, I intend for it to be a big game. I’m gonna need good artists for all the world and Pokemon, and I’m gonna need good coders.

did u see my new game, i finish but i need a few touches

Tip: use lists :pray:

Lists? I’ve never used them before.

Like a number list? How do you use it to help with my game?

For a Pokémon like game, Lists would be good for storing stats, like hp, atk, def, etc.

Lists should also be used to store your team as well. Basically any time you need to store a lot of values, use a List


TBH, I don’t have a clue on how to use lists. They seem very confusing.

I feel you. I’ve been looking at them confused.

Read the behavior handbook, it’ll tell you all about them

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