Need help with my game!

I looked at a tutorial that was on the forums earlier but it didn’t help, even though I copied it almost down to a tee… Can someone help me out?
I wanted to make it so that when my character gets within a certain distance, the enemies chase you and attack.
I also need some help making my shop… How do I connect the coins to the shop items so that I can buy them? Or maybe, if it’s possible, could you make a shop GUI of some kind?

Here is the link to my game:

Also I’d like to suggest a sort of export feature, that lets you copy a sprite you made from your game to an external editing program. Cause I made part1 of a big monster but I did it in flowlab by mistake, and I wanted to copy it and rotate it but there’s no rotate button in the sprite editor…

I tested the game and I think you solve it by yourself? Do you still need help?

Yea sorry, I fixed it; but uh, what about making a shop gui…? Could I get some help with that please? Is it even possible?

A Shop? Oh thats easy. Look at SB2.

Look up Starblast 2

Take a look at the shop level.
It uses cores as the currency, and saves something as bought when you buy it, so you dont have to buy it again.

I can’t figure out where the shop is in the game e.e
Too much for my tiny brain to process lol, just opening the player editor rekt my brain

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