Need help with rope mechanic for my game

I have been making a fun horror type platformer and I wanted to make a rope that you can swing on to get to other locations. I have been trying but everytime I do it breaks and turns into a spiderman like rope, but i’m trying to get a rope that is there and you can swing on. If anyone could help I would be thankful and credit you in the game.

Here’s the game(I recently started it so its not that good rn):



i believe there is a spider-man example by @MrMcMemerMan that lets you swing around, i think @John_Shrekinson has a link to it

I meant that Im not trying to get a spiderman like one since im trying to get a rope that you can just swing on so its already there. But thanks!

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oh ok, i think i misread the topic. you could use an animation to make it look like the player swings, then make the player move off the rope. otherwise i think it would be pretty hard to make this unless you heavily modified the spider-man example to make it fit your game.

Ok thanks! Im going to try this and also I think I can use collisions for it!

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