Need ideas for a small minigame

I need ideas for a small minigame, since I havent really released any games, i wanna show my potential.

is it a minigame for a game that already exists?

if it is what kind of game is it?


Ill be releasing the demo for boomer-rang soon, might change the name of it before i release the demo

ohh ok so you want a completely original idea


tower defence minigame including the main enemies walking across the road and you can spawn in the main character(s) to shoot or throw boomerangs at them it gets harder each 5 enemies down

ah, nevermind @seamothmaster45 thanks yways, im currently making a game that involves boomerangs already

yeah that is why I said boomerangs! thought you would want to include it

@seamothmaster45 i judt released a demo of the game with boomerangs

yeah I saw it it is cool!


This is a collection of minigames: