need opinion on how game plays and improvements I can make

Please play my game and tell me how it is!
link to game:

I’m not really a fan of rpg games.

But I can say the dialogues look nice, story is a bit weird but okay. The left and right side of the character looks really scary, make it fatter! It’s like the character is a flat 2D object, so the left and right side is just a vertical line.

Overall the game is good. I like how you can interact with the objects, you should actually decribe more about the objects. Just how to character observes it. The only thing I don’t like is the last maze level, it’s like the ground has eyes, and mazes like this in rpgs are really boring.

yeah the ground having eyes was what i was going for and i agree with you about how the character looks I’ve been working on it for a bit now. I’m gonna add a bit more on the story and the descriptions of objects so its a bit more interesting and fluid.