Need some help with my new game.

1.How do I end the level once all enemies are destroyed? I tried taking the same basic concept from Super Monkey Adventures, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I had to modify it a little bit to fit my game, so I tried using mailbox + messages.

  1. Is it possible to stop a sprite from changing y coordinates as to lock it horizontally? I have a problem when one sprite shoots another friendly sprite and the lower one goes all over the place.

  2. How can I make several sprites on the same y coordinate go left to right and back without bumping into each other without using barriers of some sort.

Here’s my game for some more info-

  1. I ran into a problem loosely related to this one. What I think you should do is add a message stating the collision of the enemy from the player’s missile to the player mailbox, connect it to an expression of A+1 and send the output back to A, then connect a filter saying when the input is greater than 42 (yes, i counted) it passes into next level or pause it with a message saying “You Win”
  2. Try to make the death ball and the laser not solid, but still enable collision. That way the lasers won’t push the enemy down.
    3.If they can’t have the same velocity because they keep bumping into each other, try making separate character with the only variation being the velocity.

Don’t give up no matter how hard the task is, human perseverance always prevails! It looks like you have a good game in progress ( is it suppose to be like Galaga?) so give your all and never cower before an obstacle!

It’s a parody of Galaga and thanks for your help and words of inspiration :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I’m missing something, but I did what you said and still doesn’t work. I ran the game with the behaviors open to see what was happening, and it seems like it sends the message(or at least activates it),but the mailbox doesn’t receive it. Is this a glitch/bug?

Although I didn’t quite get 3, I was able to make so if they did hit each other the would turn around by using collision, not exactly a pattern, but keeps a certain randomness as far as were they shoot from.

Does your message send to the sprite you want it to go to? You want it to send to objects, then select the type and object you want it to send to that has the mailbox in it. If that doesn’t work, it might be a bug.

It’s set both for object and type to go to the ship(the player) but its still doesn’t work. I did get it to work though by making the death ball emit a non-solid but still able to collide to a ‘receiver’ block. So the non-solid block now goes down and hits the ‘ground’ which activates the expressions.

Doesn’t seem to work with higher numbers if you kill a lot of enemies at the same time, causing some of the blocks that activate the receiver not to register, causing it to not activate. Could you test it to see if it’s just my computer(its not exactly the fastest lol).

I’ll make an example game for you. The bad guys multiply when you restart, but you win when you eliminate two.
By the way, to refrain from killing a lot of baddies at the same time, you could put a cool down on your laser. Just connect the key to a switch input(have it on), connect the output to the emitter, then have the emitter connect to the off switch and to a timer, which eventually turns it back on.

Ok thanks!