Need to make one sprite different objects

im trying to make it so i only damage one sprite but its changing all health bars and destroying all slimes when i kill only one

not sure what you’re exactly saying right here. maybe give different objects different names?

nope didnt work i mean like they ALL get damaged instead of one by itself

oh ok

are you using globals for the health?

no im not, im using the enemy health example

which one? if you could send a link to ur game and which enemy it is i could debug this better

i did give the link, is it not showing?

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if not, here it is

alr got it

oh i get it

so: when the slime gets hit, it sends the “damaged” message to ALL of the health bar objects

lol, he beat me to it ^

i recommend Latif’s health example, that one worked for me much better than whichever one you are using.

this one by hihilogic also works really well: Flowlab Game Creator - Health example

it works but now 1 slime is slow and it spawns in to many health bars

did you make the bars non solid? non movable, and enable collisions
(also you’ll need to make the animation frames for the different states of the bar)

yes i did but its still slow