Neo demo: menu still in work

Welcome Player to the neo realm pls take your seat and read. Do you know neo? if you do not keep reading. So neo is a agent that has a power,a very special power. If he touches you or you touch him you die! yes exactly thats why people dont use fists, or kung fu so they use guns but he was too fast. Read more down below the real game so good look player.
His mission well its classfied, read below the game. But i can tell you there will be more games about him and how he finds the great fall. which i will not tell you about :angry: HA.

There will be alot of updates, so if your computer lags call the FBI.


very nice, fairly unique, i like the box ragdoll physics and the fact that i can shove stuff through walls i applaud you

however, there are a couple of bugs that i found:

  1. you dont respawn when you die
  2. i dont know if this is a bug, but after enemies die they arent physical things anymore, you can go through them
  3. bodies fall over and then stay where they fell over, no regards for if they are in midair or not

oh press r when you die, I still need to make a death screen dont worry

And the bodies i have no clue what to do but i guess i need them to hit the ground before they disable solid

well if you dont disable solid then you can also step on them and that would be fun :).

ohhhhh coool yeah be my guess thank you i will put a animation for that

I have added blood but i need help with it

it does the death animation every time something hits one of the dead dudes. the blood is nice though

The Matrix?

Not really neil cant simply touch and the ememy dies so no

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And also isnt neil the one not a secret agent??

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I don’t get what you’re saying, but have you watched The Matrix?

Yes I have watched the matrix. Let me explain more sir. You are saying the main character in the matrix is the same as my character neo or full name Neobluelinatin a made up name that i made a long time ago. But its not. As you can see the main character in matrix does not use death on touch ablity like my character. I also ask if the main character in matrix is he a agent or not.

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No, but the two words “Neo” and “Agent” in the same post very close to each other reminded me of the Matrix.

Hmmm I see your point of view mr.halo guy, thank you for this view i will surely change the story

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Nah its fine just the names reminded me

Adding boss to the game. need some help. how do i make boss AI?

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@hihilogic boss example

thank you mr.halo guy

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