NEOSTAR - A New Continuous Runner by Crossed Sword Game Studios!

Hello There, @The_Kodex Here!

You probably haven’t seen me on the forums for a while but this is purely because of my work on the flowjam!

My submission, which I for one am pretty happy with, is a continuous runner game with 3 levels for you to play as well as a tutorial! it’s very polished with a main menu, title screen, level select and tutorial. The 3 levels are not only fun but challenging to complete!

I will be finishing this game after the flowjam winner is announced, trust me, but for now, it works fine!

It’s compatible with mobile, PC and a game controller (For the most part…)

If you have any suggestions or feedback, post it here and let me know!

After this is all done I’ll take the criticism and do my best to improve my game! Be sure to leave a rating on my game if you can!