NESmaker codeless game designer

Basically, you can make games for NES without code, that work on emulators and the actual NES. Pretty impressive, since most people give up on learning the code language for NES. Thought it was cool and worth sharing.

That looks pretty awesome. It got funded, so I hope they’re able to release it.

It’s pretty underdeveloped and won’t be as good as making the game yourself, but unless you want to spend years learning 6502 and have a really nice MMC, your NES game won’t be that fancy, like Kirby’s Adventure or Fire Emblem. Even Contra used an early MMC. Still, if you’ve always wanted to make your own small and simple NES game true to the original hardware limitations, with no extra sound channels or memory expansion, this can do it.

Ehem SB3 ahem

Interesting. This makes me wonder if you can make a game maker, in Flowlab.

You can make a Level Maker in flowlab, and I could probably pull off a simple Paint game, but there’s no real way to make a game maker in flowlab that involves creating a custom character, unless you use simple RPG maker sprites and tons of attached objects for hair, eyes, and clothes, that play animations that sync to movement animations.

Lot of work, though.

I did that with SB2s custom ship

I thought this idea was pretty clever:

@grazer That is very cool. I have no idea how to play it and I am not on a computer right now, but I clicked around and it looks pretty interesting. Maybe it could be a featured game if you like it.

Oh that’s my draw game :stuck_out_tongue: It’s still unfinished though (not sure if I’m ever going to continue), some colors aren’t even working with players.

I once made a platformer editor game where you can make your own level, sad thing is you can’t save it so everything goes away when you close the game (it would need the “save state” feature which saves the whole level). Can’t share it because when I finished the game I deleted it so I could still play it with the link, but grazer removed that feature so now it’s gone forever lol.

@grazer The emitting is better now, but it’s still not really perfect


EDIT: when I open the editor I also see this:


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