New Behaviors and Settings

@grazer I have a few ideas for new behaviors, settings, and overall features.

  • There should be an option on the “Size” block that lets you change the size of the hit box

  • There should be a block that saves the current state of the entire game

  • There should be a feature that lets people give other people behavior bundles

  • There should be more customization with bars, maybe different shapes and/or making sections of the bars

Let me know what you think and if there are any changes you might make.

Hey @AB_Games,

  1. custom hitboxes have come up lots of times - but they are less of a priority now that we have polygon colliders. It’s likely that we’ll end up with completely custom collision shapes eventually.

  2. Save the game state is probably one of the most requested features these days

  3. You can export behaviors, blocks, and bundles now: Select what you want and click “copy”. Then paste the resulting code into the forum or wherever else. To import them into another game, click the behavior window workspace and click “Import”

  4. Better bars are probably going to show up, but for the moment you can just make your own:

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Cool! You can only copy your own behaviors, but copying others’ behaviors will end up with people stealing games. There could be an “open source” setting on your games, but I understand if we don’t get it.

About saving the entire game in a database what about levels. Could you save levels in the database?

Its a Save State, so exactly like where you left off.

you should be able to just copy/ paste the bundles, speaking of which, can you clear your bundles? i cant remove them frome the list due to the games that created them are deleted