New Block Idea - Orbit

I have an idea for a new block called Orbit. It is a bit complicated, though. Here is a link to a slideshow explaining the whole block:

View in Present mode for reading the small text.

A quick note: I am still thinking about what the orbit editor would look like inside the block. Maybe it could show your game level, with a highlight around the orbiter and orbitee? It could have a tool to increase and decrease the radius, a pen tool, and let you pick from the orbit presets. Any suggestions or ideas on this block?


It’s an interesting idea and definitely helps make it easier for orbiting, but JR01 has already made an example on the helpful examples page.

I haven’t checked the code on it since I’m in my phone currently, but I believe you can change the radius, etc, by updates the values.


Yes, I saw the example you gave me. I just thought my block would make it easier to code.

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@grazer , what do you say

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