New character art for new game

I want to make a survival game but i need running, walking, and combat sprites as well as idle sprites. I want it as a pixel version of this character.


Did you make that?!


Yes, I did. Awesome right?


That’s amazing! I stink at pixel art!

yeah but i cant make a pixel version of it, and also animations for running, walking, combat.

Heck yeah!

so youll help? Or not? Its your choice

I may not be able too but consider using

This pixel art is amazing, idky im saying this but, you know, even the most simple pixel art, can have the same effect.

This is a good artwork. Great job!

how about Aesprite

Dude… for the love of god stop posting on dead topics :expressionless:

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he might not have received help

My guy, he left flowlab or isn’t frequently active.

pretty sure he/she/them doesn’t need the help at this point anymore-